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Why have a Crypto Mixer during Restart Week?

More than a thousand people will be descending down to Puerto Rico that do not have a ticket to Puerto Rico. We are locking down the venue for a mixer and concert for incoming startups and entrepreneurs to mingle with the local startup community and crypto community. 

Why Lote 23?

Lote 23 is a food park located in the heart of Santurce that highlights the culinary and cultural offer of Puerto Rico. Decorated with colorful murals by local artists, it integrates 16 different culinary concepts, developed by some of the most renowned chefs of the island. If you're a true fan of food truck parks, this is definitely a must-go-to place!

Gustavo Diaz

My name is Gustavo and I am very excited to meet more friends of satoshi during Restart Week!  I have grown an organization known as young entrepreneurs of Puerto Rico – so we are all very excited to see the tremendous interest in Puerto Rico! Looking forward to meeting you all!

🔗NGO-President 🏡Co-Living Space Founder 🙇🏻PhD Candidate 🇵🇷Act20/22

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